In His Arms by Kassandra McGhee 


Kassandra is a recognized strategic thought-leader with a Master’s of Science in Sociology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology both from Iowa State University. She is a certified Life Coach, Career Specialist, and author of four books:  Seated with Greatness, Revelations from GodThe Fight to Loveand The 10 Commandments of Career Success: How to Have the Career You Really Desire.

Kassandra is the Founder of Power 4 Living International Ministries, whose mission is to expand God’s Kingdom and help each believer embrace and purposefully live his/her best life through the enlightening, empowering, and uplifting Word of God. As a prophetic minister, her experience includes keynote speaker, radio program host, and conference workshop facilitator.

Kassandra is an anointed songwriter, praise & worship leader, and vocalist for numerous artists and recordings including Living Word Christian Center (Pastor Bill Winston), Eddie Tucker, and God’s Connection. Her solo music releases include her new single, You Are My Peace (2020); single Heal Our Land (2020); single  I Trust You (2018); single In His Arms (2017); her sophomore worship CD project entitled, HeavenScape: A Call to Worship (2015); debut CD entitled, Completely (2009); single Sound of the Redeemed (2014); and single Yes You (2015).

Kassandra has been privileged to share the stage with and/or provide vocal support for various gospel/Christian greats including Donald Lawrence (Living Word Recording Choir), David & Nicole Binion, Mike McCowen (The Mighty Clouds of Joy), Delores Washington (The Caravans), Walt Whitman, Phillip Tarver, Vanessa Dukes (The Brown Sisters), Paul Wilbur, Todd Dulaney, Brandon Roberson, Adlan Cruz, Kenny Lewis & One Voice, and many others.

Kassandra is the renowned Chicago Career Coach and Principal of Covenant Career Consulting, a premier leadership development, talent management, and instructional design consulting firm that provides connoisseur services including professional development training, outplacement services, resume and interview skills training, curriculum development and editing, and career coaching. Kassandra’s resume writing skills have earned accolades from top job search websites and her career workshops have helped her build a reputation as an expert in her field.

Kassandra’s professional experience also includes more than 15 years of leadership roles in career coaching, program administration, and workforce development. Kassandra has proven to be a trusted advisor and consultant to C-level and senior executives from numerous organizations regarding growth strategies, stakeholder engagement, project planning, and overall industry best practices.  Her experience also encompasses grant administration as well as college professorships at several universities including Aurora University and DeVry University. Career highlights include:

  • Keynote and commencement speaker for higher education institutions, faith-based organizations, businesses and conferences, and non-profit organizations
  • Successfully led team responsible for delivery of initiatives and services to 5000+ clients annually
  • Managed program operations, development, administration, fiscal management, contract negotiations and public relations/marketing for program serving 10,000+ participants
  • Served as principal liaison to build and support relationships with local and regional businesses, governmental stakeholders, non-profits, associations and civic organizations to create strategic partnerships, support development of opportunities as well as promote the organization’s profile within the community
  • Received state accommodation for exceeding federal grant program goals

© 2009 Kassandra McGhee

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